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CohMe (Italy) s.r.l. manufactures durable products of universal value, without harm to the environment or future generations.

CohMe operates according to the basic principles of sustainable development.


A modern company must take responsibility for the environmental impact of its products throughout their entire life cycle from design to disposal. Traditional companies, driven by profit to shorten the life cycle of their products, pump an enormous amount of waste into the environment. What's more, they rely on society to subsidise their production costs (through the cost of product replacement, the cost of waste disposal, and so on).
Cohme (Italy) s.r.l., on the other hand, strives to extend the life of its products. The cylinders we're bringing to the market are so durable that future generations will be able to use them. And when they are finally ready for disposal, they will be completely recyclable.


In 2006, CohMe (Italy) s.r.l. started life manufacturing stainless steel solar cylinders for domestic hot water systems.
Stainless steel is renowned for its resistance to the corrosive action of hot water. AISI 316L stainless steel is up to 33 percent more resistant to localised corrosion than other low-grade stainless steels, and offers the same resistance as Duplex 23-04.
But it would be wrong to think that 'stainless' is a magic word that automatically imbues the raw material it describes with the power to resist to corrosion in every instance. In fact, it is up to the manufacturer to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the capacity of the raw material to resist corrosion remains unchanged in the finished product.
CohMe has chosen an innovative welding process to enhance the durability of its domestic hot water cylinders.
This process involves the use of much lower temperatures than in conventional welding, allowing the area to remain much cooler.
At the same time, the welds are protected from contact with the air by a shielding gas, which prevents oxidation.
These innovative practices effectively stop weaknesses from being introduced during the welding process.
As a result, the capacity of the raw material to resist water corrosion is maintained in CohMe cylinders without having to resort to environmentally hazardous pickling practices.


Renewable energy plays a crucial role, not only in energy saving and environmental protection, but also in improving the socio-economic conditions of future generations.
Every system designed and manufactured by Cohme (Italy) s.r.l. uses solar energy to create the thermal energy needed for domestic central heating and hot water systems.

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