Combi Tanks


Combi tanks for use with Heat Pumps applications

Combined production of Domestic Hot Water and primary storage.
Capacity 500,600,800,1000 litri
(additional sizes are available)

Main benefits from use of BR–RPD0 combi tanks:

  • Suitable to heated water storage in both low temperature and high temperature heating systems
  • Multiple temperature control points enable effective installation in the vast majority of applications
  • Efficient heat pump operations in low temperature heating systems is facilitated by the return fluid stratification in the tank bottom volume;
  • The BR–RPD combi tanks can deliver sufficient hot water to meet the average request in households applications;
  • Best practice to drastical reduction of the user exposure to legionalla bacteria. The high–pressure A316L corrugated pipe heat exchanger enables high turbolence in the hot water flow to draw-off points;
  • The coiled pipe extension throughout the tank height is designed to facilitate the stratification of the heated water as close as possible to the point of use;
  • Provision for Immersion heating element assembly is available;
  • No need of magnesium anode ensure savings on maintenance;
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